2011 William Van Wert Semi-Finalists in Fiction Announced

We are a few months behind in getting our semi-finalists, finalists and winners announced, but are now happy to name our semi-finalists in the William Van Wert Award for fiction.  This is an award for previously unpublished fiction, either a short story or a novel excerpt of up to 25 pages.  This year’s offerings were exceptionally strong, and we are grateful for the many writers who have entrusted us with their work.  It is always a humbling experience to be confronted with such talent.  So thank you, everyone, for submitting your writing to us.  We will continue to work, reviewing the manuscripts, and will name our finalists and winner shortly.

2011 William Van Wert Award in Fiction Semi-Finalists

Amshalem, Jeff, Glory Be (excerpt)

Basch, Rachel, excerpt The Listener

Bierhause, Jed, “Alaska”

Bridwell, Tim, (excerpt) Sephronia L.

Cunninham, Laine, (excerpt) Buy Light and Purple Blooms

Cusick, Greg, “”A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions”

De Pisa, Diana, “Winter Kill,” excerpt from The Devil’s Darning Needle

DeSimone, Joanne, excerpt, Blackie and The Little Flower

Gerry, Susan, “Dreams,” excerpt of Carnival Mirrors

Gupta, Rajni (excerpt) The Uneven Road

Harlow, Enid, excerpt, Good to Her

Jamir,Nahal Suzanne, “Stories My Mother Told Me”

Kushner, Carol Scarvalone, excerpt Leaving the World

Lindstrom, Ann-Marie “April Showers” (excerpt)

Linfield, Richard Leon, excerpt Paradise Regained

Loselle, Gregory “Lint, Dust & Hair”

Martin, Chet, “A Summer’s Worth of Death”

Mawle, Carmel, “Jamila”

Reilly, Edward, excerpt, Nullis

Rile, Karen, “The Other Fathers”

Peckinpaugh, Jennifer, excerpt, Hellbent

Sadler, Lynne Veach, “Trying /Trying Not To Be A Mother”

Scanlon, Seamus, “A Corrupt Belfast Passover”

Schnabel, Jennifer, “A Star-Spangled Scandal”

Seed, Anthony Hall, “Somewhat Difficult to Put Into Words”

Skillings, Rogert, excerpt Each in His Own Way

Van Arsdale, Sarah, “Just Like That,” excerpt from Grand Isle