Eludia Award Finalists and Winner

The most recent round of our Eludia Award has been finalized.

McAlinden, Orla, The Accidental Wife and Other Stories WINNER (KILDARE, IRELAND)

Bolkvadze, Tamar, Fireweed (ANCHORAGE ALASKA)
Day, Diana, Metal and Bone (stories) (CALIFORNIA)
Ehtesham-Zadeh, Susan, American Moon (GEORGIA)
Normandin, Ricki, Island Rules (CANADA)
Turner-Yamamoto, Judith, Garden of the Dead (CINCINNATI OHIO)

The winning manuscript will be published on our Sowilo Press imprint. The prize also includes $1000 and ten copies of the completed book.

We’d like to congratulate Orla McAlinden, and to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all our writers. The wellspring of talent we’ve been blessed to experience is truly astonishing.

Be sure to check back for our interview of Orla, and for further updates.


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